Does the Calendar above, give us the same warning God gave to Noah?

Looking back to Page 2 of this site, the Final Thought No. 2, at the bottom,  Noah was warned to enter the Ark of Safety 7 days before the Flood?  So the Survey Question is:  Do you agree with the  
"1 Week, or  7,000 Year Calendar" shown above. 

Someone in Vancouver, Wa. wrote - "I see what you mean.  He has already given us a one week warning, He may still give us a one week warning."

We want to step back for a moment before we go on and look at the big picture shown in God's Bible Calendar
God does everything for a purpose, and if you find something in the Bible more than once, you can count on the fact that this is very important.  
The following is of utmost importance:    There were 3 Gatherings called Convocations made up of 7 Feasts, where the LORD YHWH wanted His people to meet with Him.  Today 2 of those Convocations are fulfilled  which includes 4 Feasts.  There is One Convocation to come with 3 Feasts.

GOD'S Bible calendar, 

Since Adam, man has lived on this present Heaven and Earth for 6 Millennia (6,000yrs.).  When we rule and reign with Jesus for 1 Millennia, the total will be 7,000 years or a full week.  Yes we are coming to the end of this age.  Thus the following, 1Week - 7,000 Year Calendar

Below and above are the 12 month calendars showing the 3 Yearly Convocations.  The 1st in the month Abib, was fulfilled when Jesus died on the cross, rescuing us from the curse of death.  The 2nd, 50 days later or approximately the 3rd Month Sivan, on the day of Pentecost, man was filled with the Holy Spirit.  The Early Rain.
We look forward to the 3rd Holy Convocation in the 7th Month Ethanim, when the Trumpet will sound and Jesus will return to Earth to Rule for 1,000 years & the fulfillment of the Earth's calendar.  The Latter Rain.  (Don't forget man's calendar is off, not God's)

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