"...do not harm the oil and wine."    Remember the 10 Plagues in Egypt in the Book of Exodus?  There were 3 plagues and then the land of Goshen was protected from the 4th plague until the 10th plague, (see Pg. 13).  Well, count what has happened so far, 3 plagues on the earth:
    1)  mankind conquered
    2)  peace taken from the earth
    3)  food prices go through the roof


Psalms 104:15  "Wine that makes glad the heart of man
Oil to make his face shine &
Bread which strengthens the heart of man."


2008 was a Very Bad Year

Page 14 3rd Seal

So we thought that 2008 was just a bad year, well it's back!

Revelations 6:5-6 says, "When he opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, "Come !"  And I looked, and behold, a black horse!  And its rider had a pair of scales in his hand.  And I heard what seemed to be a voice in the midst of the four living creatures, saying, A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius, and do not harm the oil and wine (see bottom of page!). "
A measure or quart is the amount that the Roman army rationed each man for one days food supply and a denarius is a days wage, remember the vineyard owner who sent out his workers for a day and at the end of the day payed them one denarius for that day's work.  This translated means:
one day's work a person gets paid enough to eat for that day.  Each person gets just enough food for himself.

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