Revelation 6:3-4,  "When He opened the 2nd Seal, I heard the 2nd Living Being saying, "Come" and another came forth, a red horse:   and to the one sitting thereon was granted to take peace from the earth and that they would slay one another, and a great sword was given to him."   

This is the 1st seal that indicates that all the events are world wide in scope!  So let's ask the question - Is Peace taken from the earth and to what degree.  When was this 2nd seal 1st opened?  Is it now part way opened, or is in now fully opened?   

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Do you think that peace has been taken from the earth?

Peace might not mean the same thing
to everyone

Did you notice, it said in this article that all acts of violence actually trippled in this series, over a 46 year period.  So when do you think that the 2nd Seal opened?